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Is back

I woke up this morning on the right side of bed. What out guys, I'm back :D


Stuck in an emotional whirlpool and wishing I could find a ledge to rest and breathe.


I hear that lesbians talk about everything. If that's the case, find me some lesbians because I fancy a good old chat. :)

summer, no longer sad

I think I have S.A.D. even if not chronically, cause since the sun has been coming out and running away again I've been noticing my moods change just as quickly. Today luckily was a sunny one, and I've been dancing allllll day :D And singing and everything. Good times :) I think with the sun comes my crazy thoughts too, which is generally good :P I mean the other day I dreamt that it wasn't a rat that has been inhabiting our house with us but a hedgehog! I do love my hedgehogs *grin*. Haven't been quite so worried about it since that funnily enough tehe.

However! And this is a big however! I do get stranger dreams. For instance, I dreamt I was living in a kind of victorian house youth hostel thingy ma gig, but before we could help out there we got a full health check (could possibly be due to the fact that me and my house mate had been talking about getting tested earlier on in the week *shrugs*). I was tested and everything came back negative, yay! Then the woman looks at my picture and goes hang on a minute, and looks up at me. I'm thinking "here we go...". She does another look between me and the picture, and you know, starting to get a little worried now... She opens up this book, that resembles a cross between a photo album and a school year book and compares my picture to the photos inside it, then lets out a long thoughtful and convicting "hmmmm". She looks up at me, looks at my face then the book and nods. Then lets out a "hmmm, I think you might have chlamydia". I'm like "what?! How?! I've been tested before and I've come back negative". "Yes, well, it doesn't always come up on the tests...but if you look here" she points to my photo and compares it against the others' "you can see they all have big ears and a big nose". ...so it was a chlamydia book, great. "but I don't have big ears!" *sulks*. "...well, no. But it's mainly the nose..." *hangs head* ...great. (I wake up) So I have a big nose and chlamydia, fun times. ...not really, but crazy dream. I blame sara for saying I have a big nose >_>

So yeah, crazy dreams. But funny ones, so it's okay :) Today, in between yoga, guitar, cooking and work I thought I'd have a little space out session in the garden. The sky was blue and the sun was out over the garden, and every so often I could hear a deep wind blow through the trees. Yay! Well, I think I made friends with the tree in nextdoor's garden that very same session. I convinced myself it was a warm and friendly tree, enjoying the wind and embracing the sun in a hugging stretch out towards it. And by the end of my time in the garden I had decided it was the happiest and nicest tree I could remember ever meeting. It was definitely a good bonding session this afternoon. The first of many I hope :) See you later tree *waves out of window* good night.


So it looks like our badger is getting more curious. Last night I woke up to it rustling under my bed! I kid you not. *blink* The running across my room to and fro while I was in the process of waking up and freaking out. I after hiding on the top of my bed for a few minutes I made a dash to the door - which was of course faster than the speed of light - and jumped into bed with courtney. (Who thought I was laura until laura came home later and confused courtney as to why there were two of her. Good times.) Anyway, turns out it found a hole downstairs to travel through once we closed up the one in the bathroom upstairs. Though whilst down in the living room it managed to tear off some of the wallpaper, and eat a hole through andy's bag to devour his easter egg. Andy was not pleased. Now not knowing if there are any more rat tunnel entrances I may be a tad bit jumpy. Haha!

We've called the exterminator but they're not getting here until next week...

Got loads of work to do which I haven't really started so far. Need to crack on with that in a mo. To protect myself I've barricaded myself in my room with a towel blocking the big gap under my door, haha! Hope there's no entrances inside my room, would not be a fun experience.

I don't really know why it's bothering me so much. I think it was just because it could have been running over me and I wouldn't have known cause I sleep really deeply. I think I just don't like not knowing where things are. Hmm...

Hoping to de-jitterfy during the weekend. :)

A badger you say?

Andy's birthday today, his family came down and stole him away for the day. Sounds like he had a good 21st though. Having a big party on the 8th which sounds promising.

I, however, am finding any means possible to procrastinate and I really shouldn't. I need to get this piece done asap as I have a 3 week constant assessment follow by an assessed presentation on it. Good times.

Plan to start training program soon, but need to pick up a swimming costume still. Suppose I can still run and cycle. Damn I wish it was easy to keep motivation levels up :P That whole get up and go, where did it go? Hoping to do some surfing sessions down in Bournemouth with courtney when it gets a bit warmer which should be good :) In fact I can't wait.

Lectures start back tomorrow...

Looks like we have an animal living in our loft. And apparently we're not the only ones. The whole terrace have been having problems too. Initially we thought it was rats, but in the roof and no droppings? So yeah, we reckon it's a squirrel. Or a badger. Close call really. Will see how this saga will turn out. Had been keeping house mates awake cause it's really noisy. Me being me of course just sleeps straight through it though *grin*.

Friend or foe

Endless ink; my own and other's. Every day, dawn till dusk. Eyes square as boxes. Square boxes in fact. In contrast to the crashing sea, foreign soils, new people and countless skies. It makes you question its worth. Time, money, ...sanity.

training journal

Just a quick note to say I've created a training journal for anyone who's interested in how I'm doing, what I'm doing, poking me with a stick so I don't become a couch potato etc at sun_block  :D


I bring things on myself. I see that now. But when will someone teach me how to change.


Wanting the world to wake up.